"Laser Cutting" Releasing personality from patch embroidery

Patch embroidery is also called the applique embroidery, which is a kind of clipping other cloth embroidery stitch on the clothes. What we talk about the label, badge, and brand also belong to the same class. As the old saying goes "Three years passed, another new come , which is the errand!" , because of the fashion trend, designers make these mended "patch embroideried " shows a new style of charming!

How to cut patch embroidery? What is the characteristics?
Die cutter: according to the graph to make corresponding die cutter, which can use it to cut into the required shape. The notch of die cut is tough and easy to be shredded, so we need to bind the edge for fabric. Different graphics need to use different mould. So it is high cost, long cycle, and the delivery date will be delayed. The modification of size is also trouble and the processing deviation is larger if die cutter was used for a long time.

Laser cutting: any graphics without die cutter can be made through computer software. Laser processing without yellow and shred has the advantages of high precision and smooth incision, which saves the process of binding the edge directly. The size can be adjusted through the computer, that is, the product can be completed in a short time, which shorten the delivery time.

Appeal to the pursuit of people's individuation, cloth style is important and the quantity is in the second place in clothing market. It is easy to see, precise laser cutting is more suitable for patch embroidery that is the market demand of small amount and personalized. Hunst laser has been developed various kind of laser equipment for patch embroidery to follow the development of the garment industry closely. They show us the charming of art and cloth.

CCD Camera Laser Cutter
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